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October 2017: States of Mind is born

Hello, world! We’re States of Mind. We are a new and passionate team working with young people to create a better future for mental health. We asked hundreds of young people what it would look like if we reimagined our society’s approach to mental health. Our approach is designed around their answers, and fueled by a desire to make psychological theory and practice accessible in a new way, for young people everywhere. We are looking forward to sharing this journey with you as it unfolds.

January 2018: We begin our project to design a new mental health programme in schools

In partnership with CIVA, we launched a pilot project to design a new approach to support young people’s wellbeing in schools. Collaborating with 15 psychologists and social entrepreneurs, we tested a new model, where students were given a central role in designing new methods to improve mental health and wellbeing.

January 2018: Anna Freud Centre Collaboration

We collaborated with the Anna Freud Centre, Owls and More than Mentors to run a two year programme to co-produce new forms of mental health support with young people in Hackney.

January 2019: We launch Breaking The Silence

In response to the Ofsted Consultation in January 2019, we launched the first youth-led research project exploring young people’s views on the impact of Ofsted Inspections on young people’s experiences in Education.

September 2019: We launch our Wellbeing Ambassadors Programme in Newham Borough

Our Wellbeing Ambassadors Programme was co-produced with students from School21. The programme provides 18 hours of mental health education and a 10 week project based learning programme to introduce student-led projects that address the underlying causes of distress at their college.

September 2019: Talk for Health in Schools

We partnered with Talk for Health to co-design a new model of mental health support in Central Foundation Boys for health logo.jpeg