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We harness the power of therapeutic practices to transform young people’s sense of self.

Why We Are Here


Growing numbers of young people in the UK are seeking help for their mental health, but many aren’t getting the support they want or need. With the NHS unable to meet the rising demand, we believe it’s time for a new approach, one that is co-created with young people outside of clinical settings.


By supporting young people to develop self-knowledge, compassion and curiosity towards their inner life, we can help them find meaning in suffering. We run trauma-informed mental health education programmes in schools, providing young people with an understanding of mental health that functions without the use of diagnostic labels.


If young people are to thrive and live their potential, we need to make sure our society’s approach to mental health is working. We work alongside young people and psychologists to create social impact and research projects that enable young people’s experiences, views and ideas to be a driving force for change.

“I feel like, for once, my opinion and the voices of other young people have been listened to and that they actually matter.”

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What We Are Doing


Our vision is for a world where mental health support is embedded within systems, not separate from them. Where times of suffering don’t disconnect us, but help us learn about ourselves and eachother, acknowledge our needs, and make sense of our problems together.

We provide young people with different ways of understanding their emotional world through a programme that fosters self awareness, connection, and hope.

Our seminars draw on Psychosynthesis theory and a range of other psychological models that explore the human experience.

Social action

Ideas raised to action can change the world. Working with and listening to young people, we combine insights with social action so that the problems we find can be transformed into meaningful change.

Our programme’s project-based learning model enables young people to identify key issues affecting their wellbeing, and then design and lead a social impact initiative as a solution.

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