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We came into being in 2017, as an organisation advocating for new ways of thinking about mental health.

Our mission is create a world where everyone has the tools to maintain a healthy identity as they move through life.

And we’re well on our way: collaborating with a range of London schools and community organisations, we’re building a model that gives young people an opportunity to develop emotional intelligence and self awareness as part of their everyday life.

Our values


We believe that mental health isn’t a fixed concept, but a dynamic experience. And that it’s shaped by the quality of our relationships with ourselves and the world. We reflect constantly on how we’re doing and the impact we’re having. We work steadily to evolve and share our progress as we go.


By sharing ideas and insights with each other, we can overcome challenges and find new ways forward. We tap into the vast and varied knowledge and experience available to us. We listen, ask questions, and elevate voices, to help shape new systems that support emotional and mental wellbeing.


No matter how chaotic and uncertain life gets, opportunity can be found. We work to create spaces where meaning can rise from difficulty. So that we can bring hope to the lives of young people in our society, creating a future that values the beauty and complexity of the human experience.

  • Bea Herbert

    Founder and Director Bea has spent her professional career working alongside young people in schools and communities to develop more person-centred and systemic models of support. Her most recent work has involved co-designing an early intervention programme with 6 colleges in Newham Borough and developing Selfology, an educational programme that places the power of psychology in young people’s hands to promote growth, self awareness and healing.

  • Michael Norton

    Director Michael has dedicated his life to enhancing society and empowering young people through social entrepreneurship. Michael founded the Directory of Social Change , Changemakers, YouthBank UK and Unltd. He received an OBE in 1998 for services to the voluntary sector. Michael has supported the development of States of Mind since it’s inception and oversees the delivery of States of Mind’s social action projects.

  • Chris Bagley

    Director of Research Chris is an Educational Psychologist who works with the most disadvantaged members of society; those whose voices are ignored or minimised in public debate. His doctorate thesis and published articles shine a light on how the most vulnerable young people and families struggle to cope within the confines of our inflexible education system. Chris believes in promoting reform by listening to young people, parents, professionals and academic research. Chris leads on States of Mind’s research projects.

  • Jaspar Khawaja

    Participatory Action Research Lead

    Jaspar is currently completing a Doctorate in Professional Educational Child and Adolescent Psychology at UCL’s Institute of Education. Prior to this, Jaspar worked in a secondary school with young people who had experienced trauma, and in a CAMHS inpatient unit for adolescents with mental health problems. Jaspar believes in promoting educational reform to meet the psychological needs of children and young people. He has undertaken university research in collaboration with States of Mind as part of the Breaking the Silence project, in order to do just that.

  • Ella Gregory

    Social Development Lead

    Ella has personal experience with CAMHS and as a result is dedicated to reforming approaches towards mental health. Ella is the co-creator of our new online course. She believes that transforming how we talk about and view our minds and feelings can influence the rest of our lives by helping us to connect, solve problems and thrive.

  • Camille Pellicer


    Camille has an MA in Applied Imagination in the Creative Industries at Central Saint Martins. With a background in journalism, producing and directing, her work focuses on telling the story of the human experience. Camille produces creative content for States of Mind and connects with emerging young artists who connect with our values and mission.

Who we’ve worked with

Stay Tuned

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