…to truly thrive in the world?

We provide young people with the psychological skills, knowledge and self awareness that is required for them to discover who they truly are.

Our work also focuses on understanding and addressing the social causes of young people’s distress.

We work alongside young people to develop new approaches that support their psychological health.

Wellbeing Ambassadors Programme

For the last few years we have been learning about what young people want mental health support to look like in education. We have designed our Wellbeing Ambassadors Programme with young people across London. We work with students weekly, supporting them to design and lead innovations that improve school wellbeing culture.

We provide facilitation, support and psychological thinking throughout the process. We want to create a completely new approach to supporting young people throughout their time in education.

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How we work


Our mission is to make psychological theory and practice more accessible for young people, so that they can benefit from the rich insights that psychology can bring to our understanding of ourselves and others.We teach young people about psychosocial and trauma informed theories of mental health Our series of seminars explores how our personal histories of life shape our mind, personality and self-perception, without using diagnostic labels to describe distress.Book programme


We create spaces that help young people explore the underlying causes of emotional distress. We are curious about what lies behind the surface of problems and by exploring the complexity of issues, we work with young people to find solutions that can really work.Our research underpins our work and we use it to provide clarity, direction and purpose. By combining research and systems theory, we have developed an approach that is built from a meaningful search for better ways of helping people. We embrace complexity and dedicate our work to revealing what’s really contributing to problems, so that we can create meaningful and sustainable solutions.

Social impact

In order to prevent psychological distress from reaching a crisis point, systems must evolve to listen more closely to the voices and needs of young people at an earlier stage.By embedding our model within education, we aim to develop more effective methods for the education system to support young people’s mental health, throughout their academic life and beyond. We combine education with social action for meaningful and sustainable change. Using a social enterprise model, our programme supports young people to lead their own projects and initiatives, so they can take their learning and insights forward to a wider audience.

Research & Social Change

Our research enables young people’s voices to inform the way emotional and mental wellbeing is supported in society. We work with young people to find what’s causing the problems and what they believe will work better.

We design our research projects to enable young people to shape the future and inspire new ways of thinking.

Youth Led Research
Case Study Breaking the Silence is a youth led research project exploring students views about mental health and identity in education. The project was launched in 2019 as a response to Ofsted’s Consultation. A group of students from London colleges reported their findings and views in an open letter to Amanda Speilman. We are currently working alongside UCL to develop the research project.