STATES OF MIND exists to provide young people with ways of thinking about their mental health that they have not yet had access to. We recognise that we cannot and don't want to do this alone. We are working with people from a range of backgrounds, approaches and ways of thinking, so that we can open our minds to the endless opportunities for change that exist around us and to give us the opportunity to chose for ourselves.



I am the Founder of Digital Cooldown, a programme that's all about helping people use the Internet in a healthier and more productive way. I've developed a practical approach to improving the way we use the internet so that we can focus on what matters most to us. 

I am interested in how we can thrive in our current digital environment, which is often designed to maximise engagement through habit-forming design, often at the expense of well-being, face-to-face interaction and getting things done. I am interested in how people can achieve a life-tech balance.


roger evans

The Institute of Psychosynthesis was founded In 1973 by Joan and Roger Evans under the personal guidance and sponsorship of Roberto Assagioli to develop the principles and practice of Psychosynthesis in the UK.

Psychosynthesis determines that just as childhood is affecting our present living, so too is our vast human potential for healing and change. Indeed, repression of this higher potential can lead to psychological disturbances every bit as debilitating as repression of childhood trauma.

Psychosynthesis then is not simply a model of pathology and treatment, but a developmental approach which can help guide a person to understand the meaning of their human life within the broad context of synthesis – the drive towards the harmonisation of all relationships, whether intrapersonal, or interpersonal, between individuals and groups.

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Through Project Kitchen Table, we want to change the way we communicate both near and far. Raising awareness of what constructive communication looks like. Enabling children from every family circumstance to take control of their own mental health destiny by changing the generational hand they’ve been dealt and pushing institutions as well as families to change the way they view their own ‘health’, focusing less on financial health and more on the health of the relationships and individuals within.

We believe responsible tech can change the world for the better. And we're using our voices to advocate for change and promote women in tech.