States of Mind has developed a person-centred approach to mental health that puts young people at the centre of problem solving. By providing them with a unique space to explore issues related to mental health, our approach ensures there is no sense of power imbalance in the work we do. Instead, young people are encouraged to develop autonomy, resilience and compassion by enhancing self awareness and mutual aid. 

‘States of Mind brings a positive asset-based approach to mental health with the power of young people and brain science at its centre’
— Colin Falconer, InspireChilli


IDENTIFY the problem.

DISCUSS  in a safe and supportive atmosphere how the problem is experienced for individuals and a group as a whole. 

EDUCATE  using research from social psychology and neuroscience. Young people will develop knowledge and insights that allow them to further conceptualise the issues.

ADAPT  with the help of peers and professionals, to the problem that has been identified. Young people will find new ways of responding to the issues and concerns they have identified.


Workshops will facilitate young people to develop different solutions to a shared problem. These solutions will be simple, practical and applicable to their everyday lives. 

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