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We are a new, Youth-led Organisation, challenging conventional ideas about what mental health problems are and how they should be responded to. We see all mental health issues as understandable responses to the complexity of life. STATES OF MIND offers a new perspective for understanding why people are suffering, one that focuses on the world around us, our responses to it and how this can impact on our sense of individual and collective wellbeing. 

We want to go beneath labels and beyond the individual, into a collective exploration of the human experience. 



In England alone, the number of antidepressant prescriptions each year has more than doubled from 31 million in 2006 to almost 65 million in 2016.  

As Noel Hunter said, “When 45,000 people a year would rather die than live in this world any longer, it might behoove us all to consider what is happening in the world to cause this.” 

Humans are not born resilient. They rely on emotional support, healthy communities and a sense of purpose to thrive in the world. They need to feel safe when vulnerable and they need to feel seen to strive. No human thrives on isolation, yet our world is increasingly changing in ways that disrupt our ability to connect authentically and to feel like we have control over the world around us. 


a new way of thinking

STATES OF MIND sees all 'abnormal' behaviour as a part of the human experience. As behaviour which can be understood in the historical and interpersonal context of a person's life. Instead of seeing psychosis as a bizarre variation, we invite the question... could enhanced perception and unusual experiences be a response to rising levels of stress and the inability to STOP. We invite curiosity as a replacement for fearfulness and judgement, while recognising that although we may not be able to cure the extreme cases ourselves, we can see them in ways that change the experience of the person, through our different ways of thinking.  



Instead of the confusion, sense of panic and powerlessness that this world may instill in us, this changing landscape of human experience is an invitation for all of us to return to what it is that works... not destructs, what heals... not damages, to know what we can change and what we can't . STATES OF MIND hopes to bring psychology into life, to shed light on the human qualities that we need to respect and hold onto, stripping the problem back to what we can do in our everyday lives to create a different future.