Our Mission:

Systems change.

Through our psychoeducation and project based learning programmes, we enable young people to design, implement and sustain early intervention initiatives for wellbeing.


Our Mission

We seek to empower young people to play an active role in designing more psychologically healthy environments in schools and communities. We want to equip young people with an understanding of how mental health problems are an understandable response to challenging circumstances, that can be learned about and overcome. We want to change the narrative from a medical and biologically determined understanding of mental health concerns as disorders, to a social and interpersonal awareness of the causes of distress.

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Our Story

Disillusioned with the current approach to mental healthcare in the UK, Psychologist and Social Entrepreneur, Bea Herbert, developed a holistic, participatory and youth-led model for change. One that involves young people in all stages of the process, design and delivery of solutions, valuing their voices, experiences and wisdom as seeds of change. One that trusts, listens and works alongside young people to create a different future.

‘I see the situation not as a crisis but as an opportunity. I see pain not as something to be feared or condemned to silence but as the gateway to personal growth that has been collectively shunned for too long. I believe this is an opportunity to change the way we think, speak and act towards the most human aspects of ourselves and others. ‘


Our Programs

States of Mind offers a range of services that focus on engaging young people in conversations, projects and initiatives related to mental health.



We provide an education programme for students and teachers that explores mental and emotional distress from a psychosocial perspective.


We provide consultation for schools and organisation who would like to support young people’s mental health.


We train students as Mental Health Ambassadors, to inform and design Wellbeing strategies for schools.


“States of Mind enabled our school community to refine our approach to adolescent mental health by promoting student voice. We have learnt how to plan and implement projects that are designed by our young people. This has led to more engaging and relevant debate that promotes how young people can remain solution focused when managing their own mental health and wellbeing.

States of Mind has established how we will train our students to become mental health ambassadors that provide essential support for their peers and inform school policy.”

Oliver Naylor - Assistant Headteacher - The Archer Academy



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We believe in the power of collaboration and are open to working with other organisations and individuals who share the same values and visions. If you would like to collaborate on events, campaigns, projects or emerging ideas, we’d like to know!


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