States of Mind is a Mental Health Organisation founded in London in 2017. It combines youth-led design with psychological research to create effective early intervention for young people across London. 

By integrating insights from neuroscience and social psychology with the most challenging issues that young people have identified, we have created a modern, relevant and useful mental health programme. 

Our Workshop Series provides young people with the opportunity to learn about, discuss and respond to mental suffering and emotional distress in their everyday life.

A cry of distress cannot be greater than that of one
human being.
Or again no distress can be greater than what a
single person can suffer. Hence one human being can be in infinite distress & so need infinite help.
Someone to whom it is given in such distress to open his heart instead of contracting it, absorbs the remedy into his heart.
Someone who in this way opens his heart to God in
remorseful confession opens it for others too. He
thereby loses his dignity as someone special & so
becomes like a child. That means without office,
dignity and aloofness from others. You can open
yourself to others only out of a particular sort of love. Which acknowledges as it were that we are all wicked children. It might also be said: hate between human beings comes from our cutting ourselves off from each other. Because we don’t want anyone else to see inside us, since it’s not a pretty sight in there.
Of course you must continue to feel ashamed of what’s within you, but not ashamed of yourself before your fellow human beings.
There is no greater distress to be felt than that of One human being. For if someone feels himself
to be lost, that is the ultimate distress.

— Wittgenstein, Culture and Value
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